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Limited Edition MANIAC 180 Gram Frosted Clear Vinyl Soundtrack by Rob

Death Waltz 180 gram frosted clear wax release of Rob’s original score to the Franck Khalfoun directed 2012 horror thriller Maniac.

Release date: March 18, 2014.

Catalog number: DW014S.

Comes packed in a black polysleeve.

Housed in a heavyweight tip-on gatefold casebound sleeve.

Includes a giant fold-out poster, plus liner notes from composer Rob and artist Jay Shaw.

As is with many genre scores of recent times, Rob’s score is heavily indebted to the synth sounds of the 80s. It’s a really striking piece of work, absolutely grimy and sleazy and appropriately murderous, but with a real sense of melody. Behind the echoing electronics, there are flickers of humanity and even regret. But Rob also presents moments of euphoria, cemented with the floor-shaking finale Juno, with Chloe Alper’s amazing Goldfrapp-esque vocals. Magnificent!

Track listing: 

  1. A1 Doll 1:46
  2. A2 Haunted 3:40
  3. A3 Double Trouble 1:02
  4. A4 Bells 2:46
  5. A5 Haunted Piano 1:35
  6. A6 Headache 3:54
  7. A7 Floor Light 1:09
  8. A8 Haunted Sequence 3:11
  9. B1 Slow Machine 1:23
  10. B2 Floor 1:12
  11. B3 Headache City 1:57
  12. B4 Wedding Maze 1:57
  13. B5 Haunted (Alternate Version) 2:06
  14. B6 Boun 0:58
  15. B7 Chloe Alper Juno 3:25

This item is extremely rare. Your can also periodically check Ebay for reseller listings using the link below:

Limited Edition MANIAC 180 Gram Frosted Clear Vinyl Soundtrack by Rob