GHOSTBUSTERS Vinyl Soundtrack Legacy 2014

Legacy vinyl release of the original Ghostbusters soundtrack. Release date: July 29, 2014. This issue is to celebrate the films 30th anniversary. Features the Oscar and Grammy-nominated worldwide No. 1 hit "Ghostbusters" by Ray Parker...

$10.10 as at 03:29 UTC. (Details)
CONAN THE DESTROYER Vinyl Soundtrack by Basil Poledouris 1984

MCA Recordsl USA (MCA-6135) vinyl LP release of Basil Poledouris' original score to Conan the Destroyer. Released in 1984. Track listing: A1 Main Title / Riders Of Taramis 3:38 A2 Valeria Remembered 3:07 A3 The Horn Of Dagoth...