FROZEN Limited Deluxe Edition 3xLP Vinyl Soundtrack

Walt Disney Records limited "deluxe edition" 3LP release of the various artists Platinum-certified soundtrack to the smash hit animated musical Frozen. Release date: 2014. Limited edition of 3,000 copies (each individually numbered). This...

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TRON 180 Gram Blue Vinyl Soundtrack

Audio Fidelity 180 gram double translucent blue vinyl 2014 remastered release of Wendy Carlos' score to the 1982 sci-fi film Tron. Release date: June 17, 2014. Catalog number: AFZLP 2177 Remastered by Kevin Gray & Michael Fremer at...

$37.80 as at 10:54 UTC. (Details)

Harkit Records ‎blue vinyl release of The Bob Crewe Generation Ochestra's original 1968 score to Barbarella. Release date: 2002 Country of release: UK Label: Harkit Records ‎(HRKLP 8004) Other features: Original insert inner...

THEY LIVE colored vinyl soundtrack death waltz

Death Waltz vinyl release of John Carpenter's and Alan Howarth's original score to the 1998 action horror film They Live. Release Date: March 5, 2013. Released as a blue and purple vinyl pressing! For the score to one of his most iconic...

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Daft Punk's awesome score to Tron: Legacy was released twice on vinyl LP. Both were limited editions with one being a special edition 180 gram release. What slipped under many collector's radars (and still remains unlisted with many vinyl...

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