THE FOG 180 Gram Double LP Blakes Gold Wax Vinyl Edition by John Carpenter

The Fog [2-LP 180 Gram Colored Vinyl]

Limited Edition
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Death Waltz Recording Company limited “Blakes Gold” edition 180 gram double LP release of John Carpenter’s original score to the 1980 horror film The Fog.

Release date: August 13, 2013.

This release features a double gatefold heavyweight tip on sleeve with 2 x 180 gram gold wax vinyl LP’s.

Includes the original movie score (originally released on vinyl in 1984 by Varèse Sarabande) but also the second LP features all of the original movie cues which have never been made available on vinyl before.

Also features cover art by Dinos Chapman and liner notes by John Carpenter, Alan Howarth , Randall D. Larson and Dinos Chapman.

Track listing:

  1. A1 Prologue 2:36
  2. A2 Theme From The Fog 5:07
  3. A3 Mathew Ghost Story 2:47
  4. A4 Walk To The Lighthouse 2:37
  5. A5 Rocks At Drake’s Bay 2:21
  6. A6 The Fog 3:13
  7. A7 Antonio Bay 4:25
  8. B1 Tommy Tells Of Ghost Ships 2:13
  9. B2 Reel 9 10:56
  10. B3 Main Theme (Reprise) 1:43
  11. B4 The Fog Rolls In 2:46
  12. B5 Blake In The Sanctuary 7:43
  13. B6 Finale 1:18
  14. C1 Ghost Story 4:11
  15. C2 The Journal 2:26
  16. C3 Seagrass Attack 3:56
  17. C4 Andy On The Beach 1:08
  18. C5 Where’s The Seagrass 1:05
  19. C6 Stevie’s Lighthouse 1:26
  20. C7 Something To Show You 2:27
  21. C8 An Evil Plan 2:21
  22. C9 Weatherman 3:29
  23. C10 Walk To The Lighthouse 2:46
  24. C11 Dane 1:40
  25. D1 Morgue 2:37
  26. D2 The Fog Approaches 2:22
  27. D3 Knock At The Door 2:12
  28. D4 Fog Reflection 1:14
  29. D5 Andy’s In Trouble 2:50
  30. D6 The Fog Enters Town 7:22
  31. D7 Revenge 2:16
  32. D8 Number 6 2:41
  33. D9 The Fog End Credits 2:59

Death Waltz Recording Company THE FOG Blakes Gold Vinyl Edition

You can listen to the score in the following video (however, the LP’s in this video are not the version that this post relates to. The music, however, is the same):

Note: Number of limited copies of the Blakes Gold Edition is unknown at the time of this post.

You can also find this for order on Ebay.