Limited Edition STAGE FRIGHT Vinyl Soundtrack by Simon Boswell

STAGE FRIGHT Vinyl Soundtrack

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Flick limited edition vinyl pressing of Simon Boswell’s original score to Michael Soavi’s 1987 horror film Stage Fright (aka StageFright: Aquarius, Deliria and Bloody Bird).

Release date: October 28, 2014.

This is the first time since the film’s release that Boswell’s hypnotically scary synthesizer score has been released on vinyl.

This is a single disc, clear vinyl pressing.


  • Artwork by Lg White
  • Full colour printed vinyl labels and paper inner sleeves.
  • Premium 320 gsm heavy card jackets
  • Clear vinyl

Side A:

  1. Aquarius Theme 4:37
  2. Hieronymus 3:15
  3. Deliria 3:43
  4. Bloody Bird 2:37
  5. Requiem for an Owl 3:52

Side B:

  1. Backstage 4:36
  2. Drama Queen 4:48
  3. Method 2:05
  4. Drill 2:14
  5. Aphonia Clericorum 4:06

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