Limited Edition ONLY GOD FORGIVES 180 Gram Vinyl Soundtrack


Limited Edition
$19.55 as at 05:45 UTC. (Details)

Milan Records limited edition vinyl release of composer Cliff Martinez’s score to the 2013 crime drama Only God Forgives.

Release date: July 16, 2013.

Limited edition run of only 4,000 units.

Features a dark and highly energetic original score over 2 LPs by composer Cliff Martinez who is also well known for scoring Drive another Ryan Gosling starring feature film.

This special release features a beautiful 180g LP plus a download card to get the MP3 version of the soundtrack.

Track listing:

  1. Only God Forgives
  2. Ask Him Why He Killed My Brother
  3. Chang and Sword
  4. Chang Vision
  5. Do As Thou Will
  6. Can’t Forget
  7. Crystal Checking In
  8. More Hands
  9. Sister Part 1
  10. Take It Off
  11. Leave My Son In Peace
  12. Falling In Love
  13. Crystal and the Bodybuilders
  14. Ladies Close Your Eyes
  15. Bride of Chang
  16. Wanna Fight
  17. You’re My Dream

Listen to track 9 “Sister Part 1”:

Also available via Ebay (limited availability, while it lasts):

Limited Edition ONLY GOD FORGIVES 180 Gram Vinyl Soundtrack (via Ebay)