HERCULES Vinyl Soundtrack 2014

Music on Vinyl are releasing a 2LP vinyl pressing of Fernando Velázquez’s orchestral score to Brett Ratner’s 2014 action epic Hercules.

Release date is September 8, 2014.

This is a limited edition release of 2,000 copies.

Pressing will be on clear blue/black vinyl.

Will include an insert.

The music is epic, driving, classic and cool. All of these adjectives were used to describe the music desired by the creative team making Hercules. Composer Fernando Velázquez rose to the occasion and delivered a fantastic score. The recording sessions took place at Air Studios and Abbey Road Studios in London, with Fernando conducting the tremendous London Philharmonic Orchestra.

Confirmed track list via New on Vinyl:

Side A

1. Son Of Zeus
2. Pirate’s Camp
3. Hercules
4. Arrival At Lord Cotys’ City
5. Flashback
6. Athens
7. Lord Cotys’ Palace
8. I Will Believe In You
9. The Lion’s Tooth

Side B

1. Bessi’s Valley
2. Bessi-Battle
3. The Campfire

Side C

1. Training
2. Centaurs
3. The Battle
4. Rhesus Caught
5. Dungeon & I Am Hercules

Side D

1. Kill Eurystheus
2. Cotys Brings Out Arius
3. Final Fight & Tydeus’ Death
4. The Statue Falls
5. Comrades Stand Together
6. Alternative Ending
7. End Titles
8. Choir Theme

FARGO Vinyl Soundtrack by Jeff Russo

Music on Vinyl are releasing a vinyl pressing of composer Jeff Russo’s score to the Fargo television series.

The release will consist of 1,500 limited pressings in ICY WHITE colored vinyl.

There will be standard black pressings after the initial 1,500.

Track list is confirmed via New on Vinyl:

Side A

1. Bemidji, MN (Fargo Series Main Theme)
2. The Long Road Home (Paint Cans)
3. Molly Looks For Lester
4. Murder
5. The Deer
6. The North
7. Malvo’s Theme
8. Wrench and Numbers
9. Stavros’ Prayer
10. Murderous Tundra
11. Dullard
12. Fish Head
13. Lester Running

Side B

1. Bad Idea
2. Homecoming
3. Lester As Malvo
4. Gus Part 2
5. Malvo Reinvents
6. The Parable (Gus’ Theme)
7. Poor Demitri
8. Trading Places
9. Malvo Retreats
10. Malvo (Eyes Wide)
11. Gus And Molly
12. Malvo’s Briefcase
13. Thin Ice
14. Bemidji, MN (Reprise)
15. Highway Snow (Fargo Series End Credits)

Vinyl release date is September 8, 2014.

The soundtrack has already been released on Audio CD.

SUPERBAD Vinyl Soundtrack

Update: You can now order the Superbad vinyl soundtrack here.

Lyle Workman’s score to director Greg Mottola’s 2007 comedy Superbad is coming to vinyl.

According to Bull Moose it will be released on the 4th November 2014.

The art for the cover hasn’t been released. The art above is from the Audio CD (where you can view the track list and hear samples).

No further details are to hand.


Michael Giacchino’s excellent score to Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is coming to vinyl courtesy of Music on Vinyl.

It will be released on the 1st of September 2014.

This will be a 2LP limited edition release of only 2,000 copies pressed on SILVERBACK Colored Vinyl. It appears additional standard vinyl (non-colored) copies will be available also.

According to New on Vinyl (where you can pre-order) there will be 19 tracks on the vinyl release. That means the vinyl will be a mirror image of the Audio CD and should run for 1:17:21. We couldn’t ask for more!

Track list:

Side A

1. Level Plaguing Field
2. Look Who’s Stalking
3. The Great Ape Processional
4. Past Their Primates
5. Close Encounters of the Furred Kind
6. Monkey to the City
7. The Lost City of Chimpanzee

Side B

1. Along Simian Lines
2. Caesar No Evil, Hear No Evil
3. Monkey See, Monkey Coup
4. Gorilla Warfare

Side C

1. The Apes of Wrath
2. Gibbon Take
3. Aped Crusaders
4. How Bonobo Can You Go

Side D

1. Enough Monkeying Around
2. Primates For Life
3. Planet of the End Credits
4. Ain’t That A Stinger

While you wait for this to hit your turntable enjoy the following video the shows the Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes suite getting performed at Star Trek Live:

BLUE VALENTINE vinyl soundtrack by Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear’s score to Blue Valentine is coming to vinyl.

It will feature a couple of songs but mostly an instrumental score.

Release date is November 4, 2014.

News comes via Bull Moose (when you can pre-order) with a bit more detail via Modern Vinyl who confirm the track list:

1. Grizzly Bear: “Granny Diner”
2. Department of Eagles: “In Ear Park”
3. Grizzly Bear: “Easier (Instrumental)”
4. Grizzly Bear: “Lullabye (Instrumental)”
5. Grizzly Bear: “I Live With You (Instrumental)”
6. Grizzly Bear: “Foreground (Instrumental)”
7. Grizzly Bear: “Dory (Instrumental)”
8. Ryan Gosling: “You Always Hurt the Ones You Love”
9. Penny & the Quarters: “You and Me”
10. Grizzly Bear: “Shift (Alternate Version)”
11. Grizzly Bear: “Alligator [ft. Zach Condon, Dave Longstreth & Amber Coffman] (Choir Version)”
12. Grizzly Bear: “Easier”
13. Grizzly Bear: “Lullaby”
14. Grizzly Bear: “I Live With You”
15. Grizzly Bear: “Foreground”

GAME OF THRONES Season 4 Vinyl Soundtrack by Ramin Djawadi

Update: You can preorder here.

Ramin Djawadi’s epic score to HBO’s fourth season of Game of Thrones is coming to vinyl!

This is fantastic news as this score is easily Djawadi’s best since his fantastic score to the first season.

Music on Vinyl are behind the release.

Side A

1. Main Titles
2. “The Rains Of Castamere”
Performed by Sigur Rós
3. Breaker Of Chains
4. Watchers On The Wall
5. I’m Sorry For Today
6. Thenns

Side B

1. Mereen
2. First Of His Name
3. The Biggest Fire The North Has Ever Seen
4. Three Eyed Raven
5. Two Swords

Side C

1. Oathkeeper
2. You Are No Son Of Mine
3. The North Remembers
4. Let’s Kill Some Crows
5. Craster’s Keep

Side D

1. The Real North
2. Forgive Me
3. He Is Lost
4. I Only See What Matters
5. Take Charge Of Your Life
6. The Children

Release date is September 9, 2014.

TAKE SHELTER Vinyl Soundtrack by David Wingo

Update: You can now order this here.

Milan Records has announced via Twitter that they’ll be releasing David Wingo’s original score to Take Shelter on vinyl.

The release will feature artwork by Jay Shaw.

Track list is the same as the Audio CD:

1. Opening
2. Signing
3. Going To Work
4. Dog Attack
5. Dreams
6. Doghouse
7. Kidnap
8. Library
9. Under Siege
10. Take Shelter
11. Pills
12. Hallucination
13. Pumping Gas
14. Lightning
15. Building The Shelter
16. Medicating
17. Lion’s Club
18. Bird Attack
19. Storm Shelter
20. At The Beach
21. Shelter – Ben Nichols

Listen to a track:

Release date was announced as August 24, 2014. Availability is now confirmed for October 14, 2014.

HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 2 Vinyl Soundtrack Music on Vinyl has announced (via New on Vinyl) they’ll be pressing composer John Powell’s score to How to Train Your Dragon 2 on vinyl. Features of the pressing include:

  • Double 180 gram audiophile vinyl
  • Colored vinyl (yellow and red)
  • First pressing with 1000 limited numbered copies

The score was conducted by Gavin Greenaway and recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London with a 120 piece orchestra. Sigur Rós lead vocalist, Jónsi, who wrote and performed the song “Sticks & Stones” for the original movie, provided two new original songs for the sequel in collaboration with Powell.

Track listing:


1. Dragon Racing
2. Together We Map The World
3. Hiccup The Chief / Drago’s Coming
4. Toothless Lost
5. Should I Know You?


1. Valka’s Dragon Sanctuary
2. Losing Mom / Meet The Good Alpha
3. Meet Drago
4. Stoick Finds Beauty
5. Flying With Mother


1. For The Dancing And The Dreaming
2. Battle Of The Bewilderbeast
3. Hiccup Confronts Drago
4. StoickSaves Hiccup
5. Stoick’s Ship


1. Alpha Comes To Berk
2. Toothless Found
3. Two New Alphas
4. Where No One Goes By Jónsi And John Powell
5. Into A Fantasy By Alexander Rybak

Release date is 18th of August, 2014.

The digital MP3 release of Powell’s score is available now on Amazon.

CLASS OF NUKE EM HIGH Vinyl Soundtrack

Ship to Shore Phonograph Co. are getting ready to release a newly remastered vinyl pressing of the soundtrack to the 1986 horror comedy Class of Nuke ‘Em High.

It will feature the classic unreleased various artists soundtrack plus the theme song by composer Ethan Hurt.

1000 first press copies will be released, the first 700 on 180 gram black vinyl. The next 300 will be on “Dewey’s Meltdown” splatter vinyl variants.

Each copy will included a digital download card with the digital version including an exclusive track-by-track commentary by Troma President Lloyd Kaufman.

Track Listing:

Side A

1. Troma Leader Intro
2. Nuke ‘Em High – Ethan & the Coup
3. Emotional Refugee – David Behennah
4. Angel – GMT
5. Rock ‘N’ Roll Paradise – Stormbringer

Side B

1. Much Too Much – The Smithereens
2. Run For Your Life – Stratus
3. We Are One – Ethan & the Coup
4. Class of Nuke ‘Em High Part 2 Theme

Listen to samples:

Release date is November 11, 2014.

You can pre-order now at Ship to Shore.

PING PONG SUMMER Vinyl Soundtrack

You can now pre-order the various artists vinyl soundtrack to director Michael Tully’s upcoming comedy Ping Pong Summer.

The pressing comes via Republic Records. It will be officially released August 19, 2014.

Film synopsis:

The year is 1985. Rad Miracle (Marcello Conte) is a shy 13-year-old white kid who’s obsessed with two things: ping pong and hip hop. During his family’s annual summer vacation to Ocean City, Maryland, Rad makes a new best friend, experiences his first real crush, becomes the target of rich local bullies, and finds an unexpected mentor in his outcast next-door neighbor (Susan Sarandon).

The accompanying soundtrack from J-2 Music is filled with 1980’s classics from the likes of The Fat Boys, Mary Jane Girls, Whodini, and New Edition, along with a new track from Hammer Throw (fronted by Kevin Barnes from Of Montreal).

Track Listing:

  1. Stick ‘Em – The Fat Boys
  2. Tough All Over – John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band
  3. In My House – Mary Jane Girls
  4. Friends – Whodini
  5. Popcorn Love – New Edition
  6. Ping Pong Summer Suite – Michael Montes
  7. Friends Forever – Angelo Jannotti
  8. Fresh Is the Word – Mantronix
  9. Broken Wings – Mr. Mister
  10. No Parking On the Dance Floor – Midnight Star
  11. Young Champion – Hammer Throw

Pre-order at Music Direct.

You can also find the Ping Pong Summer OST as an MP3 Digital Download at Amazon now.

To celebrate the 75th anniversay of Batman, Mondo has unveiled a few details about their upcoming vinyl release of Danny Elfman’s score to Batman: The Animated Series.

The release will be a 7″ pressing featuring five different sleeves and five different colored vinyls:

  1. Harley Quinn, art by Matt Taylor, pressed on translucent purple
  2. Mr. Freeze, art by Alan Hynes, pressed on ice blue vinyl
  3. Clayface, art by Gary Pullin, pressed on brown clay vinyl
  4. Man-Bat, art by Tom Whalen (including foldout), pressed on translucent orange vinyl
  5. The Joker, art by Mike Mitchell, pressed on bomb black vinyl

Check out the sleeves:

Batman the Animated Series vinyl soundtrack by Danny Elfman Harley Quinn sleeve

Batman the Animated Series vinyl soundtrack by Danny Elfman Mr Freeze sleeve

Batman the Animated Series vinyl soundtrack by Danny Elfman Clayface sleeve

Batman the Animated Series vinyl soundtrack by Danny Elfman Man-Bat sleeve

Batman the Animated Series vinyl soundtrack by Danny Elfman Man-Bat foldout


Batman the Animated Series vinyl soundtrack by Danny Elfman The Joker sleeve

Mondo will make these available starting at this years San Diego Comic-Con Preview Night at booth #835.